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DevAnswers is a collection of guides I’ve written and solutions to problems I’ve come across during web development and Linux sysadmin.

In 2017, I started migrating my clients’ sites over to cloud hosts such as DigitalOcean. This required that I dive head-first into the world of Linux and how to configure web servers. Before I started this blog, I found many of the available Linux guides overly verbose for beginners. Sometimes you just want the commands in a neat, step-by-step format without having to read an essay.

I hope these guides will be useful to all you other devs out there. Any suggestions, drop me a message. You can email me at info (at) devanswe.rs and follow me on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, or 🍊 buy me a smoothie.

10 replies

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  1. Been looking for site like this…that actually works. There’s always one or two missed command or something forgotten by other sites. Good job for covering the topics clearly and to the point.

  2. Greate work,

    This is really simple and strate to the point. It helped me a lot in setting my server for the first time.

    Please, keep updating this guide as we depend on it.

    1. Thanks , you break it down like a pro. Thanks for helping others. I enjoyed
      every bit of it. Thank you.?