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My Ezoic Review After 1 Month – Using AI to Increase Ad Revenue in 2023

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Ezoic uses artificial intelligence to increase ad earnings by automatically testing different ad types across your site. In this Ezoic review, I will outline my own experience after one month on the platform.

Ezoic Review – The Invitation

About a year ago, I started receiving emails from Ezoic representatives saying they could increase the ad revenue on two of my sites. Sceptical of their claims and too busy with other jobs at the time, I ignored their emails and eventually forgot about it.

A year later they emailed me again with another invitation to join their platform. It was around the same time I was browsing a competitor’s site and noticed they had Ezoic logos under their ad slots, so I decided to do some more research on the company and their claims.

Ezoic’s Claims

The first email I received from Ezoic said they could boost my ad revenue by 60%.

I am reaching out to you about Ezoic (Google Certified Publisher) where we use machine learning technology to provide ideal ad layouts on a per-user basis. This allows our publishers to see around a 60% lift in their overall revenue while their user experience metrics improve dramatically.

So, they will use robots to magically increase my ad revenue by 60%? It initially sounded very far-fetched and too good to be true, and why I initially ignored their emails. But Ezoic were persistent and emailed a few more times.

Ezoic is also free and we don’t require a contract so there are absolutely no tie-ins! If you’re interested in joining over 1,000 other publishers currently working with us, just give me a short reply. Thanks!

I started to read some Ezoic reviews from other bloggers and threads on Reddit to see what others were saying. All were surprisingly positive and many reiterated Ezoic’s claims:

  • An increase of ad revenue anywhere between 60% and 200%.
  • No contract. You can easily disable Ezoic whenever you want.
  • Helpful support team of Google Certified Publishers with the expertise to maximize your ad revenue.

The Reality

I contacted an Ezoic representative to see if the invitation was still open and within a day I had my account set up and integrated with one of my WordPress sites.

So, did Ezoic manage to increase my ad revenue or not?

Ezoic Review – After One Week

Prior to joining Ezoic, I was earning anywhere between $5 and $10 a day. When I switched to Ezoic on the 20th Feb, I was seeing figures between $10 and $30 consistently. A marked improvement.

Ezoic Review - Increase AdSense Revenue with Ezoic

Ezoic Review – After One Month

Here are the numbers comparing one month of earnings with AdSense and one month with Ezoic. A 212% increase in ad revenue.

How Does Ezoic Work?

Robots! Ezoic uses machine learning algorithms to test thousands of different combinations of ad locations and sizes to see which ads people click the most.

Ezoic Machine Learning Ad Testing Ezoic Review

Ezoic tailors ads per user, so the longer you have it running on your site, the better it gets.

Head over to Ezoic’s website to read about how the technology works, they explain it far better than I can!

Ezoic Review – My Thoughts

The numbers are undeniable. Revenue went up 212% in one month and I have stuck with the Ezoic platform ever since.

And it improves over time. As Ezoic’s machine learning algorithm gathers more data about your visitors after a few months, the performance improves, as does your revenue.

Ezoic’s support team were able to walk me through the entire integration process and advise me on ad placement and site layout to maximize revenue. If you’re using WordPress, this process can be simplified with a plugin.

How Do I Join Ezoic and What Are The Requirements?

If you have already been contacted by Ezoic and invited to join, you probably already pass all the requirements and can sign up right away.

If you haven’t received an invitation, you can apply to join on their website, but there are some requirements:

  • Ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner and needs to ensure that sites using their tools are compliant with AdSense policy. You do not need an AdSense account to join Ezoic, however, if you do have an AdSense account, it must be in good standing as Ezoic cannot approve sites that have been banned by AdSense for policy violations.
  • Ezoic wants informational and content-rich sites that are original, constructive and enticing, not ones that are predominantly corporate or e-commerce in nature. However, if your site is a blog attached to an e-commerce site, it may be considered.
Ezoic review. Increase AdSense ad revenue.

Ezoic Review – FAQ

Prior to joining Ezoic and integrating my site, I read a lot of other Ezoic reviews looking for answers to the following questions and concerns I had myself. If you have any questions not answered below, feel free to ask me in the comments.

Is there a contract or any hidden terms with Ezoic?

No! This was one of my main concerns and I made sure read the Ezoic Terms and Conditions thoroughly before signing up. There are absolutely no legal tie-ins with Ezoic and you can turn it off temporarily or permanently if you are not happy with the results.

Do I need an AdSense account to join Ezoic?

No! You do not need an AdSense account in order to sign up for Ezoic. However, if you previously had an AdSense account that was banned for policy violations, Ezoic will not approve your application.

Do I need 10,000 views per month to join Ezoic?

No! If you’re site has less than 10,000 monthly visitors, Ezoic has a special Access Now program just for you.

How does the integration with Ezoic work?

There are three main integration methods; one involves changing your nameservers to Ezoic, the second method, if you are using Cloudflare, is authorizing Ezoic to access your Cloudflare account, and the third method is via a WordPress plugin.

Whichever integration method you choose, you can disable Ezoic temporarily or permanently on-the-fly and return to AdSense if you are not happy with the results. You can also choose a percentage amount of ads served by Ezoic and AdSense so you can compare the difference in revenue.

For more info, see: How Can I Integrate My Site with Ezoic?

Do I have to point my nameservers to Ezoic?

No! If you are using WordPress, you can integrate with Ezoic using a WordPress plugin, though Ezoic recommends either the namservers or Cloudflare integration method for faster ad rendering. Personally I have tried both the WordPress and Cloudflare methods, and while I couldn’t really discern much performance difference between the two when browsing the site, page speed benchmarks showed some improvements with the Cloudflare method.

I don’t use WordPress, can I still integrate with Ezoic?

Yes! Ezoic works with every CMS, host, and website configuration, but if you’re not using WordPress, you must use the Nameservers or Cloudflare integration method. Ezoic works with many popular CMSs such as Custom pHp, Squarespace, Joomla!, Shopify, Blogger, Drupal, Arch, Rebel Mouse, Magento, Bitrix, and more.

How and when do you get paid by Ezoic?

Ezoic pays you via international bank transfer, check or PayPal between the 27th and 31st of each month. The minimum account revenue threshold for payout is $20 USD, meaning an account must have generated a balance of at least $20 before a transfer is initiated.

You may also still receive payments from AdSense depending on your site settings in the Ezoic control panel. By default, Ezoic will display a very small percentage of ads from AdSense so that you can run direct CPM comparisons between Ezoic and AdSense, and confirm that you are getting higher ad rates from Ezoic.

Is Ezoic really free? What’s the catch?

After your first 30 days trial, Ezoic places a small ad on the bottom of your page, which allows them to earn a small amount of ad revenue from you. This is not the sticky ad overlay you might see fixed to the bottom of your screen like on this site (you can control this yourself in the Ezoic control panel), but instead a smaller ad at the end of the page. You can remove this ad by upgrading to a Premium account starting at $14 p/m, which gives you access to premium CPM advertisers and higher payouts.

Update: I was invited to upgrade to a Premium account shortly after I joined Ezoic. When you join Ezoic Premium for a monthly fee, Ezoic removes the ad at the bottom of the page and serves premium ads across your site, which return a higher CPC and ad revenue. Read more about Premium plans on Ezoic’s website.

Why does Ezoic need access to my AdSense account?

If you have an AdSense account, you may need to link it with Ezoic, but you can revoke this permission at any time after joining Ezoic.

Once integrated, Ezoic will automatically generate ad placeholders and pull in the data from AdSense on the traffic going to the non-Ezoic version of your pages.

This allows Ezoic to establish a baseline for improving ad revenue, which in turn speeds up the optimization process.

Ezoic may also check that your AdSense account is not in violation of any policies before approving your application.

For more info, see: Google Adsense And The Mediation App

Why does Ezoic need access to my Google Analytics account?

You may have to give Ezoic access to your Analytics account so that they can confirm your amount of daily visitors.

In the past, Ezoic required at least 10,000 monthly visits to join the platform. However, Ezoic now has a special Access Now program just for sites with lower traffic.

For more info, see: How Do I Grant Read and Analyze Access For Google Analytics?

How long does it take to be approved by Ezoic?

For me, it took one day from sign up to integration, but that might have been because Ezoic invited me directly. 

Ezoic has grown a lot since I joined and is now receiving hundreds of applications a week, so it may take a week or so for them to get around to your application.

Will Ezoic make my site cluttered with ads?

Ezoic’s algorithm will customize frequency of ads based on the visitor and where it thinks you will get the best payout, so you should trust Ezoic’s algorithm to manage ad placement and frequency to get the best results.

However, you ultimately have complete control over ad placement on your site’s template and if you find that there are too many ads showing, you can always reduce them.

Do my AdSense ads run alongside Ezoic ads?

If you already have an AdSense account, you can choose in the Ezoic control panel what percentage of ads to display from Ezoic and AdSense. This is so you can run A/B testing to see which ads return the most revenue.

I used to run 5% of ads from AdSense just so the AdSense account would remain active. However, since 2022, this is no longer required. It is now safe to run 100% of ads from Ezoic without affecting your AdSense account.

I don’t see any Ezoic ads running on DevAnswers

Not all ads served by Ezoic will show the Ezoic logo beneath. You may see ads served by AdChoices or other ad networks, and while they are being served through Ezoic, the Ezoic logo may not always appear beneath.

I’m seeing duplicate ads on DevAnswers side-by-side

If you see the same ads repeated side-by-side, this is because the advertiser has paid a premium to push these ads into as many ad slots as possible. While I agree it may look “spammy”, this is just how some advertisers maximise revenue and Ezoic has informed me that this is unavoidable at present.

Ezoic Review – Conclusion

Hopefully this Ezoic review will allay any concerns you had about joining the platform. I was initially very sceptical about Ezoic’s claims and was wary about doing any sort of integration with them, but the results are promising and a 212% increase in revenue is game-changing for me. I have two more sites that I want to integrate so another Ezoic review shall be forthcoming.

For more in-depth information about Ezoic’s platform and how it all works, head over to their website.

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below. 🙂

Let me know if this helped. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, or 🍊 buy me a smoothie.

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  1. can u please help me out with ezoic I got ezoic approval I’m bit confuse should I turn of my adsense auto ads off or should I on it

    1. Hi there. You should contact your manager in Ezoic support. They can set up the placeholders for you to get you started.

  2. I joined Ezoic a month ago when I had 8k sessions. A month after, I hit 10k sessions. In this case, what should I do?

    1. Use Ezoic’s analytics tools to track the performance of your website and see how it is changing over time. Look for trends and try to understand what is driving the increase in sessions.

  3. Hi, I want to ask i joined ezoic 1 month ago and i am using ezoic plugin test ads for 1 month. can i switch to ezoic placeholder and deactivate plugin.

  4. Hello there, thank you for the article. I was approved by Ezoic last month under their Access Now program and I’m doing great. But I set my ads percentage in Ezoic to 100% and couldn’t see my AdSense ads anymore. Now, after reading this article, I have set Ezoic to 95%, so AdSense can have the remaining 5%. Also, I’ve enabled Mediation and it’s been Approved. Any tips for me? Thanks.

    1. Hi Peter. It’s no harm running a small percentage of ads through AdSense. However, I recently learned that AdSense no longer disable accounts with no traffic through them, so it’s safe to run 100% of ads through Ezoic now. Article updated.

      1. i want to use this theme can you share me download link because i go to underscores but i not get this theme

  5. This article is the reason I decided to move to Ezoic from Adsense. My experience was very similar, my ad revenue went up by 260% in one month just my moving over to Ezoic, and over time further optimised to the ad placements and it must of then be 400-500% increase compared to using adsense. Thanks for taking the time to write. I have documented my own story as a case study or . This clearly shows the growth that have been able to build using Ezoic also. Thanks again, I am grateful I am came across this post.

  6. I used Ezoic on my WordPress site for six months and it was very problematic. First I used their plugin, but it slowed my site speed so much that I lost most of my Google search traffic because Google bots stopped crawling my website (60% of my traffic came from search before I started using Ezoic). Then I switched to the Ezoic nameservers and had my developer fix all the errors listed in Google search console.

    Unfortunately, Ezoic continued to generate errors on my website and I just had my developer switch the nameservers back and remove Ezoic. I will admit Ezoic ads did bring in 100% more revenue than adsense, but the constant technical problems were aggravating and expensive to fix.

  7. Thanks for your enlightenment. I’m getting tired of adsense at the moment, not just because of revenue. My manually placed ads aren’t showing where I placed them on mobile. Only their autoads work.

    How can I not have control over ads on my own site? Contacted their support, no response. It’s just frustrating. I’d be looking for something better than adsense ever since but I didn’t really like the others I’ve tried…. until I stumbled on this post.

    I think I like Ezoic already. Thanks for the detailed explanation. I hope they approve me soon.

  8. Please Resolve My Problem its very emergency..

    I Changed Nameservers from GoDaddy to Ezoic & After 48 Hours my Site is Not Live & Still I don’t have access my WordPress Admin Panel.. What is the Reason.. Please Solve My Problem…

  9. If I connect ezoic and google adsense Pleaee tell me my earning is show on Google Adsense or ezoic because ezoic or google adsense was integrate each other how the earning is different on each platform I have get two payments first earning from ezoic and second earning from google adsense.
    It think so the earning of ezoic and google adsense are mix in the ezoic.

  10. I’m on AdSense and I have seen these Ezoic logos on other sites. I’m wary of signing up at all reading the comments below, seems people have issues.

    1. I was also wary when I was first contacted by Ezoic and I ignored their emails initially. And, yes, I did have some issues integrating with them as others have had, but I’m here three years later and still with them as they are basically paying me 3x what AdSense will. If AdSense want to pay me more I will go back to them, but they have not once offered me that yet.

  11. How do I link my Payoneer to my Ezoic account? I’ve not been able to do this. I tried once but I wasn’t paid in that month which means it wasn’t successful.

  12. hi there. My website is related to education medical test preparation where i add test , quizes and pdf notes.. the ezoic team asked you have prohibited content like cheating, fake documents, dishonest behavious.. but i don’t have such.. what i do now.

    1. Sorry to hear that, Wajiha. Unfortunately, if your site content is related to medical information, you are far less likely to be approved because of the amount of scams in this industry. I would ask Ezoic for an exact reason for the decision and how you can clean up your content. Good luck.

      1. hello sir. Ezoic demended for website analytics report. i shared them all report f my 70000 vistors st 30 days. there are some top ranking results of google AMP stories. will it affect my approval process. SOME OF MY ARTICLES VE SECURED TOP 1 POSTION ON GOOGLE. I’ve shared my search console reports too. What kind of response Can i expect from them?

        1. Ezoic requires that you have 10,000 views per month and will need to see your analytics report before considering your application. As long as you adhere to the Ezoic Terms of Use, you should be approved no problem 🙂

  13. Hello DevAnswers, My journey with ezoic this far has been a nightmare. I have been on the platform for. 2 months now. I was swayed to join the platform from glowing reviews and the prospect of increased earnings. Granted they use machine learning and 3 ways to integrate your site but at what price. I first integrated my site with their WordPress plugin and soon after the nightmare starts 503, 507,508 errors. Can’t find the site etc
    I was ranked at ,840, 000 when I join now 1,400, 000, earnings less than half my previous adsense. It didn’t end, my average traffic last 3 months before joining was 10,000 months now 6,500. I decided to integrate via nameservers, enabled Leap for faster site no difference , even worse. It only added more problems like origin errors,. WordPress admin difficulty in logging in. Still poor earning. I reached out for help in monetization a month ago still awaiting response. Mind you ezoic might work for some but on my part I have decided to part ways.

    1. Hi Tammy. I’m sorry to hear about your experience. It sounds like an integration issue caused a disruption to traffic to your website.

      If any users are using WordPress, I would advise installing the Ezoic plugin and trialling it for a week or so. If you are not happy with the results, you can simply disable the plugin and you are back to AdSense as normal.

  14. Hi should I remove the google auto ads code and disable adsense auto ads after installing ezoick?

    1. Ezoic will try to override these AdSense ads, however, I strongly recommend that you contact your Ezoic representative to make sure everything is configured correctly on your site.

  15. Hi, I heard that after getting started with Ezoic, it slows down the website, and because of this, Google ranking shatters of a particular site. Is it true, or It’s just a myth?

    I am waiting for your valuable response and want to know your personal experience. Thanks!

    1. I’ll say that if you have no technical knowledge and rush into integrating your site with Ezoic via the nameserver method, you can cause issues to your site.

      If you are on WordPress, you can simply install the Ezoic plugin and disable it if you’re not happy.

      People seem to think Ezoic will magically fix everything on their site and instantly generate higher income. Be careful rushing into deep integrations with any ad partner if you don’t know what you’re doing.

    1. Yes, make sure mediation is on. However, in my experience, very rarely do AdSense ads pay more than Ezoic’s.

      1. How does mediation affect your overall revenue? Do you need mediation at all? Is it necessary in the grand scheme of things? Secondly, where does the payment for mediation go, does it go to your AdSense account or will it be added to your Ezoic revenue? I just want to know so I don’t activate stuff I don’t need.

        1. For me it was hardly worth enabling. I assume if AdSense offers a higher rate, you will be paid via AdSense. It just happens so rarely for me that I never checked where the payment went.

  16. After Started ezoic I m facing WordPress login problem. because ezoic using AWS/ Amazon Hosting.
    and my Hosting Company Different. So ezoic told me – implement XFF Code in wordpress below to my wp-config.php file, But in wp-config.php file where to paste XFF Code? Do You Know This. If Yes, Write Article For This Issue. Thank You.

  17. My site was rejected from Ezoic. Now I want to reapply for it. I don’t know – How to Reapply on Ezoic. Means I am not able to see any Reapply option. Please guide with the steps of How to Apply on Ezoic again after rejection. Please help me.

  18. Hi, I want to ask, I am using ezoic now, but I also have an adsense account, is it necessary for my adsense account to be integrated with ezoic? or is it not necessary, I am still confused about this? Do you integrate your adsense account with ezoic or do you only run ezoic?

    1. You do not have to have an AdSense account to use Ezoic. You can sign up for Ezoic without any AdSense account at all, however, you may get approved sooner if you already have an AdSense account in good standing.

      1. Hi Dear

        I also want to start work with Ezoic; But I have some questions.
        Can I earn both from Ezoic and Adsense with one website?
        Is Social Traffic is acceptable for Ezoic or not?

        1. Yes, you can choose what percentage of ads to display from AdSense vs Ezoic.

          Social traffic no problem.

    1. Yes, Ezoic needs traffic to generate revenue. I also have to put the work in to generate more traffic to this site. 🙂

  19. Hello, My adscence CPC(India) is very low b/w 0.05-0.08 even i get more than 500 views from unique users per day(~10k/month). In this case does Ezoic works for me? Could you suggest what else do i need to improvice to get better CPC!

    1. I can only suggest that you try it for a while to see if your CPC goes up – if not, you can revert back to AdSense easily.

  20. Hello, i already set up ezoic and now 75% complete from 7 days ago. now im waiting Ezoic Review, why review take long time? on the text its will be reviewed 24-48 hours!

    1. If you opt out of the free plan and sign up for Premium, you pay a monthly fee based on your current ad revenue and in return Ezoic serves premium ads with higher CPC. Premium guarantees that you get a higher pay-out at the end of the month. If your revenue drops due to ad market changes, Ezoic automatically lowers your plan tier in order to maximize ad revenue. I’ve been on it well over a year now and it has consistently maximized monthly revenue for me so it’s a no-brainer

  21. Hai I have got 30,288 visitors in Feb 2021, adsense earnings in january was very low so I movedto exmarketplace but their program also am not able to make $14 with 30 K traffic, so my question is if I move to ezoic can I earn more.

    1. All I can recommend is that you sign up and trial it for a few days. Just make sure it’s configured correctly. Ezoic support will be able to look at your site and advise you. They emailed me a few days ago saying that my inline ads were not configured correctly – they fixed it for me and my revenue has gone up considerably since.

      1. Recently I have integrated my wordpress site with ezoic, but I didn’t understand dns name servers and cloudfare, my ezoic account showing me integration completed around 18 hours, my question is that I am using hostinger network and my website is not appearing it is showing error 1000 what does it mean? Please give me suggestions?

    1. Did they give a reason? If not, drop Ezoic support an email and they might shed some light. Don’t forget, if AdSense won’t approve your site or if you’ve been banned, Ezoic won’t approve you either.

    1. It depends why your application was rejected. If they gave you a reason, you should rectify it and apply again. If it’s because of an AdSense violation, you might be out of luck. Best you drop Ezoic support an email to be sure.

  22. Does ezoic platform approve website with 10,000 monthly vistors specifically from US only or traffic from anywhere on the continent?

  23. Hey Dev, hope this meets you well. I joined Ezoic on the 26th of December 2020, but on the 28th I started experiencing a drop in
    traffic. Infact, the drop is really bad. Please what do you think could be the cause and a posible solution.

    1. I still display a small percentage of AdSense ads.

      You may also still receive payments from AdSense depending on your site settings in the Ezoic control panel. You may want to display a small percentage of ads from AdSense so that you can run direct CPM comparisons between Ezoic and AdSense, and confirm that you are getting higher ad rates from Ezoic.

  24. hey,
    thanks for the great article!

    Recently one of my google adsense account got 30days suspension for invalid clicks(which was cause due to bot traffic). Do you know any method to protect wordpress site from it?

    and can i apply to this with this condition.

    Looking forward for reply

  25. Hey, Dev

    I took Ezoic approval two days ago. But my earnings from ezoic ad have come down from adsense. Will it take time to setup now.
    I hope you will answer.

    1. Hi Ram. You should get it touch with Ezoic to make sure your site is configured correctly. If you’re continuing to see revenue loss, just disable Ezoic in the meantime.

  26. Hi, My web page has accepted through Google Adsense. My web site traveller 15k in a month however all traffic from social media platform. Can azoic approve my web page or not? All site visitors from USA or UK But site visitors from the social media platform.

  27. I have not any adsense account. Can i apply for ezoic? Currentlymy site getting 30K+ visitor in a month.
    Note: I tried for adsense couple of time but they did not approve my site.

    1. You should contact Ezoic to see, but if AdSense won’t approve you account because of a terms violation, it’s unlikely Ezoic will either.

  28. I’ve been with Ezoic for about 3 weeks now and ever since, my stats on my wordpress google analytics plugin (Monster Insights), had been decreasing daily…Yet I know I am still gaining new visitors daily. So strange.

    Did this happen to you as well?

    The only thing I can think of as to why my google analytic stats are decreasing is because 99% of my traffic is going to my Ezoic proxy site and only 1% to my site with adsense…(?).


    1. Hi Molly. The only thing I can think of is the GDPR cookie law. Visitors from the European Union now have to give express permission to load the Google Analytics cookie (or any tracking cookies), and if they don’t, you will not get any stats. Ezoic handles this for you in the form of a confirmation dialogue displayed to visitors in the EU. You may not be aware or see this dialogue if you are outside the EU.

  29. First of all congratulations for getting approved with ezoic.
    I have recently approved with ezoic.
    I have a doubt that will I make revenue on both of these i.e ezoic and adsense?
    I became to know that ezoic increases adsense earnings, but won’t ezoic also gives revenue to us?
    If ezoic also provides revenue, how does they do? (ex: based on page views, sessions, or visitors)
    Please let me know if you read this comment. Waiting for your answer!!!

    1. Hi. It depends on your Ezoic settings. By default, most ads will be served by Ezoic, but a small percentage from AdSense. So you will receive the bulk of your ad revenue from Ezoic and a smaller payment from AdSense.

      Ezoic works very similar to AdSense. Most revenue is generated from clicks on your ads and a smaller amount from ad impressions.

      Just quoting my article above:

      You may also still receive payments from AdSense depending on your site settings in the Ezoic control panel. You may want to display a small percentage of ads from AdSense so that you can run direct CPM comparisons between Ezoic and AdSense, and confirm that you are getting higher ad rates from Ezoic.

    1. Hi Aram, yes, as long as it’s your own original content, it should be good. However, I notice you don’t have any AdSense ads running on it yet. You should apply to AdSense first and see if you get approved. You can also contact Ezoic support for advice. Good luck!

  30. Hey devanswers my sites has 50k traffic per month but not applied to adsense till now running on affiliate income. I want to try ezoic will it accepts with out adsense approval?

    1. Hi, I’m pretty sure you need to be approved on AdSense, however I’m not 100% certain. Best you drop Ezoic support an email to ask.

  31. I use google adsense ads, whch I just started to add in my articles after blogging for seven years.
    I was planning to use ezoic, that’s why I started to read reviews.
    But after reading, I planned not to use, because I’m happy with google adsense as much as I’m making.

    Thanks for the great information.

  32. How many days does it takes for Ezoic to show ads, it’s been 3 days and I still don’t see any ads on my website (I have aroud 1500 visitors a day)

  33. Hi

    I can’t comment on the effectiveness of Ezoic for me yet as I have only just set it up.

    I wanted to mention though that your calculations are incorrect.

    $163.12 to $509.01 is an increase of 312% not 68%!


    1. Many thanks, Tom. How did I miss that? 😮

      Actually, the percentage increase should be 212.04% if I’m not mistaken.

      (509.01 – 163.12) / 163.12 * 100 = 212.04%

      I will update the article accordingly.

  34. Hii

    I want to ask,

    my site is not google adsense approval…because my site news website and my copy right content….i applied ezoic…because 10000 visitors per months and can my ezoic account approved..
    plz reply i am wait..

    1. Are you saying you have copyrighted content on your site from other sources? If so, that’s an AdSense violation and Ezoic will not approve you either.

    2. Thank you so much Roy Ford, I was just thinking to switch to Ezoic, But having questions in my mind. How’s your experience up till now with Ezoic, Would be pleased if you share with me. You can contact me anytime at ideal inspiration blog.

  35. Hi,

    I want to ask,

    Is it the AI Placeholders feature in Ezoic just the same like Auto ADS on Google adsense? Which is the ads will show on the middle of the article for the example.

    I’ve join Ezoic and my ezoic ads only show on the place where I put the code.

    Thank you for the answers.

  36. Hey Dev thankyou for such an informational guide. Can I use ezoic for my website it has 4K monthly visitors.

    please answer

    1. You can always try applying but I doubt Ezoic would approve your application.

      Your site must have at least 10,000 monthly visits and Ezoic will want to see your Analytics account for proof. This is because Ezoic uses a data-driven machine learning algorithm that needs a minimum amount of data in order to produce reliable results.

    2. Just apply. You have nothing to lose. I got approved at 4k pageviews a month. You wont enjoy higher revenue though for some time because Ezoic systems needs more pageviews for their machines to determine the highest perfoming ads for your site.

  37. Hallo thanks for your nice article.
    ome people say , Ezoic make the Site speed Very slowly , what about you?

    1. Hi Aleesa,

      I have WordPress caching and Cloudflare caching enabled and the page load is good.

      However, regardless of whatever caching methods you use, it can take up to 10 seconds for all the ads to load. This isn’t specific to Ezoic as AdSense does the same.

      The important thing is that your page article loads quickly and the user can start reading right away. Meanwhile, the ads start loading in the background so as not to interfere with user experience.

  38. What you said is mostly fair and true… but most people see a big jump. My ad revenue was $30 a month with Adsense and Ezoic immediately bumped me up to $75/month. Within 3 months I was at $200. However, from then on it was a long slide down to $30/month. The customer service is great but the actual product is crap.

  39. I have setup everything including ad units on my website but ezioc has not reviewed my website for 4 days. when they review website? I have 30k+ visitors

    1. I think it’s taking Ezoic longer than usual due to the sheer amount of applications. I’ll be having a meeting with with an Ezoic representative next week and one of the questions I have is the average sign-up to approval time, and if they plan to speed that up. I can understand it can be very frustrating for new applicants. You could also drop them an email just to see if you can get a rough ETA.

  40. Hello, i’d like to take my website kampusville to Ezoic platform but my monthly visits is currently low. Its growing however and i believe in 1 month or two i might hit the 10k visits a month. My question is, must you have two or more month with over 10k visits consistently in order to qualify for Ezoic or can you just apply as soon as you achieve the 10k visits a month?

    1. As soon as you reach 10,000 visits within the past 30 days, you should be good to sign up. From Ezoic:

      We only work with sites that receive a minimum of 10,000 visits per month. The reason for this, is because the system is a data driven A.I., so it needs a minimum of 10k visits per month in order to produce reliable and confident results. We’ll usually ask you to share read-only access to your Google Analytics so we can take a quick peek at your traffic levels! However, if your site doesn’t quite have 10k visits per month – not to worry – you can always apply again in a few months time when your site is receiving more traffic, we’d be happy to take another look!

    2. The most important thing is content quality.
      I got approved months ago with 500 monthly visitors which is way below 10.000.

      Just send an email to them and ask!

      If for some reason you think that you have something going on, and you know as a matter of fact that your idea is solid like a mountain JUST ASK!

  41. Hello,
    May I ask how many monthly visitors your site generates for such amount?
    My website have very small traffic and is there point of swithcing to Ezoic right now or I should pass?

    1. It would have been around 50 thousand visits per month at the time. You need 10,000 to join Ezoic. You could always try it for a week or so to see what kind of % increase you get. Rarely would you see less revenue though compared to AdSense.

      1. After the 30-day trial period on the free plan, they’ll put an ad at the bottom of the page? I saw someone on Reddit mention they put it as a floating footer ad, not just at the bottom of the page. Which is it? Also, it looks like the only benefit of upgrading is to get rid of the ad, but at a high cost of 10% of revenue. If it’s just an ad at the bottom of the page, and not a floating footer, then I would just stick with the free plan.

  42. My AdSense is not verified ( I mean the identity verification has been completed but the pin verification is on its ways) – so, is it going to make any difference or is it going to create problem if I switch my website to ezoic? … Thanks in Advance

    1. I’m not sure what would happen in that case. It would be up to Ezoic to check this and approve your account. Maybe wait and see, and if it’s not approved after a week, drop them an email

  43. Hi,
    I have a very high traffic website and my Adsense earnings have dropped due to the lock down. Do you think Ezoic could help improve my revenue ?



    1. Hi Gareth,

      Ad revenue has dropped for everyone because of the lock down, regardless of whether you’re using AdSense or Ezoic. Even though my traffic is up compared to last month, my revenue is still down. However, if you’re on AdSense and switch to Ezoic, you should still see a boost in revenue because of the way Ezoic’s machine learning algorithm optimises ads on your site.

      I’d recommend reading Ezoic’s article about the revenue drop.

  44. Hi, your review is honest and quite comprehensive. I want to ask, the area or bar where you set from 0-100 regarding traffic. Settings>Turn on Ezoic>Site Settings… What does it mean?

    Secondly, am I still going to make money from my Adsense account?

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for the comment.

      If you set it to 100%, then all ads will be served by Ezoic and you will no longer receive payments from AdSense. There is no problem doing this. However, if you set it to say 95%, then 5% of ads will be served by AdSense. This will allow you to compare Ezoic’s CPM (cost per thousand ad impressions) with AdSense’s CPM (which is usually much lower).

      With 5% of ads coming from AdSense, you will still receive small payments from AdSense at the end of the month or whenever you reach the payment threshold.

      It’s entirely up to yourself what percentage you set here. I have mine set to 98% because I still want a small amount of ads from AdSense so I can occasionally run CPM comparisons, and I also want to keep a small bit of cashflow between AdSense and my bank. So far Ezoic’s CPM has been consistently higher.

  45. Those are some nice results with Ezoic! Worked great for me on my own network of sites & we’ve published our own case study.

  46. Hi,

    Thanks for the info, can you please after integration when they will they themselve to get access to GA and how much time it take to review and approve the site? Please answer quickly.


  47. hey there, your blog looks pretty awesome. keep that up.
    I’ve got a doubt. I’ve set up ezoic but haven’t created any placeholders. will ezoic place their ads on my website even if i didn’t create any placeholders?
    i hope you’ll leave a reply.

    1. If you’re on WordPress, download the Ezoic plugin. You should also contact your account manager and they will check your site to see if it’s set up correctly.

  48. DevAnswer
    Please I want your mentorship on online business. Just discovered your site recently in my search for kali live persistent.
    But I can see you are just too good in online stuff.
    I have tried and failed many times but still optimistic, pls .be my mentor. Thanks

  49. Hi. What integration method are you using? I’m using Ezoic Nameserver integration and I’m having page speed issue and I have tried all I could to improve the speed but all I did were not helping. I’m thinking of trying the plugin method.

    1. I’m using the WordPress plugin method, which works fine for me, though Ezoic say the Cloudflare integration will give the best page speed.

  50. Hello, im on ezoic platform, and when i want to add the head code for taboola feed is not appear, is look the head section is replaced from ezoic, can you tell me if someone know how to do that…

    1. It really depends on the subject matter of your site. For example, a technology how-to site like DevAnswers has an EPMV of $13 (earnings per thousand visitors), so 400k visitors per month would pull in around $5,200.

      However, I have another niche website related to music education that only has an EPMV of $7, so monthly earnings are much lower.

      1. at this time my website get 5-7k uv/day. and use adsense get around $100-$250/day.
        ctr 2-3% and cpc $0,4. if i change use ezoic i will get more income or no

        1. It sounds like you’re already doing well on AdSense, a lot better than I was anyway! You can still trial Ezoic to see if it raises your revenue even more, and if it doesn’t you can just go back to AdSense.

  51. It’s good, but I’m thinking to move on to other service, ezoic is joke once it comes with support, waiting now for more than 14 days to get reply is a damn joke! They should get more people to work in support center and it’s obvious that there’s not enough of people working at support.

    My rating just because of super lack of support is 3 / 5 .

    1. If ads are cluttering up the page, you might need to check your ad settings or rethink your page template. On my own site, the ads are a bit too cluttered at the moment, but I will be rolling out a new page template which should resolve this.

    2. I’ve been using Ezoic for over a year now and seen over 50% growth in revenue. I get about 400K visits/month. My best advice is TRUST THE EZOIC SYSTEM. It knows better than us. It tests and test thousands of combinations.

      If your ads are causing a drop in UX or revenue Ezoic will see this and adjust what it displays accordingly. Just make sure you have many placeholders with lots of sizes. Make sure your mobile placeholders are good too. Have your Ezoic rep check your placeholders for you and tell them to add any more that they see fit. Be patient. It works.

  52. On the first site you tested Ezoic on, can you tell me what type of content you had? Did you turn off any types of ads, such as dating, gambling etc?

    1. Hi, it’s an educational site about a Celtic language, popular with students and teachers. I didn’t turn off any ad types.

  53. Nice review.

    Just a question. If Ezoic is this good, why are you not using it currently on this blog?

      1. I don’t know about Stephen, but I see these Test test ads slots and it’s pretty damn horrifying (please refer to the screenshot – )

        And when I hover over those “ads” it shows that those are google ads.

        Definitely doesn’t speak in favor of Ezoic.

        1. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. It looks like someone published an ad by mistake, hence “test1” – I have no control over that. If you see it again, click the X button and then report it.

          The same ads appearing beside each other is due to my page layout and ad positions, which I hope will be resolved with a new WordPress template I’ll be rolling out soon. Yes, I agree it looks ugly just now but it’s not really Ezoic’s fault.

          You can set in the Ezoic control panel what percentage of ads come from Ezoic vs AdSense, so not all ads will have the Ezoic logo. Even ads with the Ezoic logo may still show the “AdChoices” logo by Google, which is not the same thing as AdSense.

          The reason why I show some AdSense ads to allow me to compare Ezoic’s CPM (cost per thousand ad impressions) with AdSense’s CPM.